yeshivat bonayich

A new direction in Modern Orthodox high school education

Choosing a high school used to be fairly straightforward – in many communities, parents often had only two choices – either go with the only Jewish institution in town, or trust the public schools. Now we are lucky to have a range of options for students, even within the Jewish community. And yet, even with all of these choices, some children are still underserved. With rising student debt and a challenging economy, this choice has become even more important.

Finally, there’s another option: The first Torah-based Career Focused high school.

Yeshivat Bonayich is a coed, Zionistic, Modern Orthodox Yeshiva High School in Bergen County that focuses on empowering students who are driven to be future-ready. Our school combines comprehensive academics with professional courses at a career level. Our educational model comprises individual, career-focused academies operating as a cohesive whole. Our goal is to provide a dynamic, specialized, student-centered environment that embraces the whole person.

Inspired by our belief in the worldview of תורה ומדע, Torah u-Madda, the school strives to infuse students with religious ideals, values, and scholarship. At Yeshivat Bonayich, we do not isolate our students from the world; instead, we empower them to be successful observant Jews in the real world. 

Our לימודי קודש, Judaic Studies, staff members represent the values we embrace and serve as real Modern Orthodox role models to our students.  Our academy faculty will consist of experienced educators who are professionals in their area of expertise.  Licensed teachers will teach our core college preparatory classes.

Our school will be a place where students can take intellectual risks, learn and grow from those challenges in a supportive atmosphere, and develop the grit and resilience required to build meaningful lives.  We will graduate students who have the desire, skills, and capacity to learn anything – and how to put that knowledge to use.  They will value the wonders of הקדוש ברוך הוא, God, in all of creation.

We will foster collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills.  Students will acquire the tools they need to master greater ownership of their learning.  Students take standard college preparatory courses in the humanities, math, and science, and special classes depending on their declared major area of studies, such as: 

  • Technology (certification in Google or Python)
  • Health Sciences (EMT certification)
  • Graphic Design (Adobe certification)
  • Business and Real Estate (real estate license)
  • Law (paralegal studies certification)

Our לימודי קודש program is centered around an innovative curriculum that interweaves Torah sources with real-world applications and themes. To show the real-life synthesis of Torah in our daily lives, the students will explore topics relevant to their future careers from both Torah and secular viewpoints.  Business ethics and contract law are among the subjects that will be examined from both perspectives simultaneously, allowing for comparing and contrasting the two legal systems.  Our goal is for students to embrace the relevance of our מסורה, our heritage, and its connection to their sense of who they are and want to be.