Head of School

Rabbi Eliyahu Teitz

Rabbi Eliyahu Teitz is the founding head of Yeshivat Bonayich, a career oriented co-ed high school set to open in September, 2022.

Rabbi Teitz is the former associate rabbi of the Jewish community in Elizabeth, New Jersey, as well as the former associate head of school of the Jewish Educational Center school system (JEC Lower School, JEC High School, and Bruriah High School).

The 22nd consecutive generation of pulpit rabbis in his family, Rabbi Teitz received s’micha from Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary. He is also the only Jewish school educator to have earned a Master of Arts degree from the prestigious Klingenstein Private School Leadership program of Columbia University’s Teachers College.

Rabbi Teitz has served on the boards of the Rabbinical Council of America and the Religious Zionists of America – Mizrachi and is a recipient of their Chief Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook Rabbinic Award.

In addition to Rabbi Teitz’s work with youths at the elementary and secondary levels, he has also taught adult education classes, as well as computer science at Yeshiva University (Yeshiva and Stern Colleges), and was one of the original hosts of live Torah discussions online.