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Yeshivat Bonayich is a new concept in Jewish learning: a coed, Zionistic, Modern Orthodox Yeshiva High School in Bergen County that focuses on empowering students who are driven to be future-ready. Our school combines comprehensive and rigorous academics with technical and professional courses at a career level. Our educational model comprises individual, career-focused academies operating as a cohesive whole. Our goal is to provide a dynamic, specialized, student-centered environment that embraces the whole person.

Rather than taking a theoretical approach to education, applied studies are practical, and (whenever possible) hands-on.  In addition to Jewish and standard college preparatory courses in the humanities, math, and science, the Builder School will offer professional-level instruction in careers in a variety of fields. 

Not every student shares the same educational goals. Nor should they. Yeshivat Bonayich is designed to meet the needs of bright, motivated students who are driven to be future-ready.

In addition to offering certification or licensure in a field of study, Yeshivat Bonayich’s Jewish Studies curriculum will also relate directly to the practical needs of our students.  The curriculum will be ethics based and include halacha modules on business ethics and  contract law, as well as cognitive skills building.

Jewish day schools have attempted to integrate career-themed classes into their overall program in the past.  The courses taught rudimentary skills and were stand-alone classes.

At Yeshivat Bonayich, students work towards certification or credits towards licensure in their selected field of study.


The curriculum we offer will be the same as those in other comparable schools. Students will graduate with a four-year degree and be given the option in their junior and senior years to take advanced placement courses.

Our Kodesh curriculum is equally rigorous to that in other comparable schools, but differently focused.  See our explanation on our Jewish Studies curriculum page.

As a start-up school, we are not yet accredited.  We are working with the New Jersey Association of Independent School (NJAIS) to become members and initiate the accreditation process as quickly as they allow.

Many schools offer electives to their upper classes, to afford them the opportunity to explore areas of study beyond the core curriculum.  The Builder School will replace these offerings with careers focused academies.  We will also spread the core requirements over the full four years of high school, evening out the students’ schedules.

Co- and extra-curricular activities will be part of our program.  Interscholastic sports teams will be added as the school population grows.  We will have a robust offering of afterschool clubs as the school grows based on demand.

The schools will offer a number of  academies, based on student interest.  Currently five such academies are under consideration: technical careers, business and real estate, law, health sciences and technology.

The curriculum will be fully college preparatory.  Students will receive a high school diploma.  Some of the courses taken in high school will be recognized for college credit.

We can not guarantee employment or college acceptance to any student.  However, our curricula will position our students ahead of most other entrants into the career paths of their choice.  Our career and college guidance departments will work with students to help them find suitable placements.


The Builder School will start with ninth-grade classes.  If there is sufficient interest we will add a tenth-grade class.

The admissions process includes an interview with the prospective student, assessments of the student’s academic readiness for the program, and a meeting with the student’s parents/legal guardians.

Tuition for the 2022-2023 academic year is tentatively set at $20,000.  There is also a $2000 registration fee.

Upon request, an assessment of a family’s tuition obligation will be made in a respectful and discreet manner.  

See the Tuition page for more information.

We will be located in Emerson, New Jersey, at 35 Jefferson Avenue.
School arranged transportation will depend on interest and cost.

Our goal is for students to understand how to dress appropriately in different situations.  During school hours and at school events, students should present themselves as mature, respectful learners.  Business casual (tucked in collared tops and non-denim bottoms in muted colors) projects that image.

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