general Studies

At Yeshivat Bonayich, students take standard college preparatory courses in the humanities, math, and science, and special classes - academies, depending on their declared major area of studies, such as:

  • Health Sciences
  • Business and Real Estate 
  • Graphic design
  • Law
  • Technology

Upon completing their studies, students will receive both a high school diploma and credit towards coursework and/or certification in their concentration area.   The curriculum will better prepare students to enter university and allow them to either work during college or go directly into the workforce if they so choose.

In their junior year, students will declare an academic major and enter an academy within the school.  They will continue to take their core high school subject classes together with all other students from other academies.

When possible, there will be opportunities to specialize in core academic subjects on relevant learning that will be needed to enhance their understanding of their academic major. (For example, business proposals and legal briefs may be assigned in English courses to students in their respective academies. Advanced biology electives will be offered to those in the Health Sciences and the study of electricity will be assigned in Physics to those in electrical contracting.)

In addition to the full range of traditional high school subjects, we will offer business writing courses, financial literacy for small business owners, and fundamental contract law to fulfill graduation requirements and address our students’ real future needs.

Health Sciences

The health sciences curriculum introduces students to a progressive learning environment that combines medical arts knowledge with caring for others. Students develop professional responsibility in assessing patient needs through a combination of lab-based coursework and hands-on experience in the health field, rotating among several local facilities as they explore the plethora of career choices this field offers. Students will prepare for the EMT exam upon completion of all coursework in their senior year. Students will be able to go to college or other accredited programs to focus more on the health sciences or decide to go directly into the field.

Business & Real Estate Academy

The business and real estate curriculum introduces students to the world of business. Students interested in business, finance, marketing, and economics will explore coursework in those areas. Coursework such as financial literacy, contract law, and business writing will be part of the curriculum. A strong aptitude for mathematics is required. Students will gain real-world experience in the various career choices this field offers. Students will prepare for the real estate license exam taken at the end of their senior year.

Graphic design

Are you a creative thinker?  Are you interested in a career that allows your artistic self to flourish?  Do you enjoy art, technology, and communication? There are design needs across every industry, so graphic designers have many opportunities to take on a range of new and exciting projects.  The curriculum will cover design basics, two dimensional design basics and the use of popular design software.  The academy will prepare student for Adobe certification.

Law Academy

The coursework for a law major will enable students to gain a detailed understanding of the foundational aspects of the legal profession, the law itself, criminology, forensic science, and other specialized areas for public protection. Students will gain a solid understanding of constitutional and common law, the American Judicial System, rights, courts, and debate. Courses will teach technical writing, such as legal briefs, summaries, position papers, and arguments. Students completing this major will be prepared to continue their education or begin employment in related assistance professions within the legal and public safety fields. Our school will grant them a paralegal studies certificate.

Technology Academy: Google Certification/Python

This major is perfect for students who are interested in computers and computer programming. The curriculum for technology careers gives students a broad background in a multitude of computer programming skills. The concentration is on applying their skills to practical obstacles. Based on programs at the top New York City boot camps, students prepare for mainstream technology jobs. Students will graduate having completed all coursework needed to prepare them for Google/Python Certification.


Hebrew Language

The goal of our Hebrew Language curriculum is to increase our students’ comfort and confidence in using modern Hebrew. We are currently meeting with providers of successful curricula to craft our program for maximum success.


We believe that the most valuable career training begins on the job. The Yeshivat Bonayich Senior Internship Program connects our fourth-year students with local businesses in their area of interest, for a weekly internship. This may be a full year at one company, or divided among 2-3 businesses, one day a week. During their internship, students will actively participate in the workplace under a mentor’s guidance.

Businesses will be chosen from within our community, and each internship will include the intern’s participation in professionally related activities. Students will perform all relevant duties and become integral members of the team. This can include specific supervised project work, collaboration with other workers, or independent tasks that the student can perform with minimal supervision, with projects that are specifically designed for the student to develop his or her skills. Training may be in any discipline or involve any profession within their major academic area, so long as the student is an active participant in activities related to that field of study.

Our goal is to allow students to experience being an active member in the workplace, build professional connections, and expose them to new career opportunities for their future.